Brangien copyHello.

So you want to know a little “about” me. Thanks for asking! I’m a seasoned writer and editor (magazines, websites, newspapers, books) with a bottomless interest in arts and culture. I first tried my hand at arts writing at age 11, when I was inspired to create a hand-bound construction-paper pamphlet showcasing the work of illustrator Saul Steinberg. In terms of a survey, it is rather limited (examples were torn from my parents’ New Yorkers) and openly fawning. But my respect for Steinberg’s work is palpable, as well as the desire to let the world know more about him (for as I state in the introduction, “Some people may never have heard of him”). That eagerness to discover, research, analyze and bring forth news about fascinating people (and places and things) still runs through my veins. For the past 18 years, I’ve been writing about literature, film, dance, visual arts, theater, music and historic architecture with the aim of educating, enlightening and ultimately enticing readers to experience arts and culture for themselves.

I’m married to Daniel Spils and live in Seattle.

For a detailed work history, please peruse my LinkedIn.